Peter Zaj

Property Specialist
(02) 9592 6662
0428 888 877

Peter Zaj is a Property Consultant with a cutting edge approach to the commercial property market. Peter is specialising in the field of Property Development and is offering developers and owners a one stop shop for property development.
Peter has a vast knowledge of the Property Development Industry having being involved in numerous projects at all levels from finance to construction and has now decided to concentrate on what he knows best putting the sites together and offering them to clients.

Peter’s aim is to simplify the property development puzzle and bring to his client’s services never before offered by a Real Estate Agent.

Peter has teamed up with a teamed with a number of experts in the field of property development, his team includes, a number of: Financiers, Brokers, Architects, Town Planners, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Tradies, Builders and the necessary Consultants he can call on anytime.

If you think you may have a development site call Peter and he can guide you to obtain the highest and best outcome.

Peter can be contacted now on his mobile 0428 888 877.