Why Choose Taylor Nicholas?

Over the years Taylor Nicholas has achieved an enviable record of success in auctioning commercial and industrial property consistently nearing 100% with our campaigns.

The reasons are simple

Firstly, at Taylor Nicholas we understand that auction is just one method of marketing your property and is certainly not a magic wand suitable for all properties.

Secondly, our staff are highly trained marketers who make use of the psychology of auction to achieve the best possible result for our vendors.

Auction Marketing offers the vendor:

1. Maximum response to marketing effort and the advertising money spent

An auction guarantees maximum response to the marketing simply because there is no price advertised and forces buyers to act within a definite time period. Buyers cannot ignore a property simply because they believe a property is over-priced and as such they’ll respond accordingly. Also by concentrating the marketing effort and providing a fixed marketing term your marketing budget is maximised.

2. Focuses buyer interest on the property not on a price

It’s quite natural for buyers to respond to a purchase price by simply saying “that’s too high” and not even considering the property. The beauty of auction is that it allows buyers to conduct their investigations without being prejudiced by a preset asking price. What’s worse is that no matter what the asking price is, a buyer will inevitably seek to negotiate this figure down. An auction turns this around often exceeding vendors expectations.

3. Sets a definite time-frame for buyers to act

The problem with Private Treaty Campaigns is that they often drag out as prospects have no time frame in which to act. Most auction campaigns run for between 4 and 5 weeks and that’s all that’s needed.

4. Ensures that there is competition from buyers for your property

By putting all prospects together you create competition. It’s the same logic that sees retailers gather together in shopping centres or car dealers locating near to each other. Moreover, prospective buyers accept auction as a buying process and expect the auction process to occur. As such they inevitably attend the auctions and openly compete against each other in such an environment for commercial & industrial property.

5. Allows the Vendor to choose when to sell

The beauty of auction is it provides a predetermined sale period in which to market, exchange contracts and settle the sale. It gives the vendor the flexibility of selling before the auction if he’s happy with the price, at auction, subject to the reserve price or after if he feels a better price can be negotiated.

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Our auctions are held at Auctionworks, Mezzanine Level,  50 Margaret Street, Sydney, commencing around 10.30am.