Growing Taylor Nicholas

Taylor Nicholas commenced business in Sydney in April 1990 and proudly remains 100% Australian owned and operated. Initially with one Sydney based office, and now have 5 offices servicing Sydney’s business precincts.

We remain strongly committed to excellence in all we do as we look to expand throughout the business precincts of Sydney and the east coast of Australia including Brisbane and Melbourne.

If you would like to discuss how Taylor Nicholas can assist you develop your new business please contact Nick Spasevski on 0418 243 762 or click here.

Why not start your own business?

Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can do a thing or if you think you can not do a thing, in either case you’ll be right.”

There are many successful agents operating in the Commercial and Industrial segment of the Real Estate Market. Unfortunately for most of these agents, they too often consider the next move in their careers to be far too daunting to consider opening their own office. This thought occurs even though they are highly motivated and successful at what they do because in reality, they simply don’t have anyone to talk to about doing it for themselves.

How often have you said “….We’ve been doing what we do for a long time and want to do it for our self but don’t know where to start.”?

Well, now all that is required is to talk to Taylor Nicholas.

At Taylor Nicholas, we provide the systems that allow successful real estate agents to make the ultimate career move….a move to opening their own business easily and quickly. Having employed scores of successful real Estate Agents over the past 34 years, we have a simple philosophy……we train our staff so they can be the top agents in the area they operate.

Now, with the Taylor Nicholas Franchise system, we can share our success not only with our staff but with like minded and successful commercial and industrial real estate agents who want to be their own boss. And as importantly, it’s not just the setting up of a business that guarantees success, it’s the ongoing backup and support that ensures Taylor Nicholas members share in our success. For over 26 years we have been on hand for our staff, training & mentoring them, often from inexperienced school leavers to top income producers in their area and now we can provide this expertise to helping you open and operate your own office.

After all, you’ve been successful for someone else so now’s the time to be a success for yourself.

Why Franchise with Taylor Nicholas?

For too long anyone that wanted to open their own business in the commercial or industrial market had to either ‘go it alone’ or borrow a system adapted from our residential cousins. Going alone brings with it the significant time and expense required establishing a new name in an already competitive environment while ‘borrowing a system’ speaks for itself in terms of relevance and efficiency.

Taylor Nicholas has drawn on its 34 years of specialising in the commercial & industrial market to develop a Franchise System specifically for one segment of the Real Estate: the Commercial & Industrial market. At Taylor Nicholas we ensure that our franchisees have the systems and support required to operate and grow their business in what we consider is the ultimate real estate segment.

We are proud to say that we have helped numerous individuals rise to the top of their profession and now with the availability of Taylor Nicholas franchised office we will ensure that the same results accrue to those wishing to open their own business. Having 3 former employees open franchised offices with Taylor Nicholas is testament to the belief in our systems and strength in our brand.

From our feedback one of the most common complaints a franchised office has is the lack of support from their Franchisor. This is akin to a staff member not receiving support from their directors and needless to say, neither is a concept that we understand at Taylor Nicholas.

At Taylor Nicholas our philosophy is to mentor and support our staff and our offices so they can be the top agents in the area they operate.

Should you be interested in running your own Taylor Nicholas Franchise, please contact Nick Spasevski on 0418 243 762 or by email.

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