Industrial Sales & Leasing

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Taylor Nicholas has long considered the Industrial regions of Sydney as their ‘backyard’.

After all, not many agents can say they have sold individual properties for up to $70 million yet cover every sized property and sale price in between.  Last year our sales representatives were just as proud of their achievements selling a storage unit for $60,000 as they were in selling $10m, $20m or even $70 million properties.

It’s not just sales that Taylor Nicholas excels at. Our directors and staff have leased property ranging in size from the small strata unit to major industrial premises of over 12,000m2.

Our strength lies in our experience built up since 1990 and passed on to our current team of professionals.

As they say, the past is instructive and for the future to be bright one learns from the years in business. Very few agents can say they worked through periods such as the severe recession of the early 90’s, the Asian Crisis or more recently the Global Financial Crisis but Taylor Nicholas has sailed through these hurdles learning and adapting to the changing environment in which we sell and lease property. It is this experience that counts when we are engaged by our clients to lease or sell their property.

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